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"My 15 year old son often boasts how small rink (ADM) hockey is very challenging and unforgiving, making for intense practices, training sessions and 3v3 play. This season he utilized his Stoughton Ice Center Membership to take both on ice and off ice training classes, play pick up 3v3 with friends, as well as train and skate on his own during free skate times following a training plan personailzed for him by the Stoughton Ice Center training staff. I have witnessed the incorporation of ADM Hockey and Stoughton Ice Center improve my son's game immensely in one short season. Most importantly, he is having fun while doing it. He's always begging me to drop him off at the center. I am confident that Stoughton Ice Center has helped him prepare to make the jump to playing high school hockey"



Matt Hiatt Dedicated Hockey Dad


About Us

Stoughton Ice Center is an all-in-one hockey training facility located in Stoughton, MA. Stoughton Ice Center has a training solution for every player, if you want to improve your game we are here to help you do that!

Stoughton Ice Center houses 2 ADM rinks built for the specific purpose of training. These 60x100 sheets of ice make players train in tighter spaces helping to develop game time skills such as improved stickhandling, how to think ahead, anticipate where the puck is going, where other players are on the ice, how to turn and pivot quickly, how to get away from traffic and create space for yourself, how to use your body to shield the puck. 

Our Offering

Stoughton Ice Center offers both on ice and off ice hockey training. We have an in house training staff which allows players who train here to build rapport and find a trainer that suits them. We offer camps, clinics, workout classes, personal training, private on ice training sessions, 3v3 leagues, as well as membership for dedicated players looking for a cost effective way to take advantage of our full offering!